The ‘Shared documents’ and ‘My documents’ folders

Each user has two main folders, Shared documents and My documents.

the shared documents folder in the directory tree

the shared documents folder in the directory tree

You can move diagrams from one folder to another using the move functionality.

My documents

The diagrams in this folder are private. No other user can view or edit them.

Shared documents

This folder contains diagrams you can work on together with other modelers.

There are two possibilities how to work collaboratively with colleagues: joint modeling within your workspace and inviting colleagues to comment on diagrams.

  • Only colleagues who are registered in your workspace are able to actually edit diagrams. Find out more about defining access rights.
  • Each person invited to comment on a diagram is able to do so - also those who have no account to the Signavio Process Manager. The chapter Inviting process stakeholders to comment on a diagram contains more information about commenting and invitations.