Case Management Model and Notation (CMMN)


CMMN is an additional module to the Signavio Enterprise Edition. It can be activated on request by the Signavio Support Team (

CMMN is a relatively new notation that was created to account for more flexibility in the business process landscape.

The notation is designed for scenarios when a case worker can decide in what order tasks or sequence flows shall be performed. A CMMN sequence flow may be triggered by an event (Event Listener), a state (Milestone) or with an action (Task).

As CMMN is seamlessly integratable into BPMN and DMN-diagrams, it can be used to complement your existing process landscape. CMMN should provide you with the possibility to depict highly variable processes, such as working with patient files or managing customer support processes more accurately.

Signavio supports the CMMN version 1.1.

The notation and its application are explained in detail in the following chapters: