What is CMMN?

In many BPM scenarios, there are some actions that may diverge from the common sequence flow within a framework of set tasks. Often it can be more efficient, if case worker is able to determine the sequence in which to perform a set of tasks. The patient who visits the doctor may for example always go through the same administrative process before and after a check-up but the check-up itself consists of several variable steps each time - depending on the case.

CMMN is designed to support the flexibility of these workflows.

In Signavio, you can model the standard framework of the corresponding process in a BPMN diagram and then link a BPMN subprocess to a CMMN diagram that defines the flexible sequences. It is also possible to exchange a task in an older BPMN diagram for a subprocess linked to a CMMN-model to define a number of flexible actions more accurately.