Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between the Collaboration Hub and the Collaboration Hub preview?

When a user has logged into a workspace via a Signavio account, they will always see the Collaboration Hub preview, which is also displayed in the headline of the Collaboration Hub. This preview displays all diagrams of the workspace the user has access to, including those that are not published yet. The portal preview is typically entered via the Signavio Explorer’s drop-down menu entry that links to (European Server), respectively (US server).

Unlike those users who are logged in, guests of the Collaboration Hub can only see diagrams that were published in the Collaboration Hub, so a guest enters the actual Collaboration Hub. To enter the Collaboration Hub as a guest, a visitor has to install a matching browser certificate and must not be logged in. They can then open the Collaboration Hub at (European Server), respectively (US server).

The chapter Introduction to the Collaboration Hub gives a more precise explanation of the difference between Collaboration Hub and preview.

I am using the Collaboration Hub with the Signavio SharePoint Connector and it is not possible to print out diagrams. What can I do?

To solve this problem, go to your Internet Explorer’s preferences and add the Signavio URL to your browser’s security zone. When using the Software-as-a-Service version of Signavio, the URL is, respectively (US server).

Learn how to add Signavio to your security zone on the Microsoft support website at

My browser cannot display the Collaboration Hub correctly. What can I do?

Simply open the URL A detailed description of the supported browsers is provided there and the site automatically checks whether you browser supports Signavio. If your browser does not fully support our software, we recommend to switch to a browser that is listed to fully support Signavio on this website.

If your browser is fully supported but there are still issues with Signavio, go to the chapter Possible issues: JavaScript & cookies.

I want to integrate the Signavio Collaboration Hub with Microsoft SharePoint and/or my Active Directory. Which options do I have?

There are multiple ways to integrate Signavio with your Active Directory and/or your SharePoint intranet. How to integrate Signavio mainly depends on whether you are using Signavio as Software-as-a-Service or On-Premise, installed on your server.

In the chapter Integrating the Collaboration Hub with Microsoft SharePoint you can learn everything about the possible options and about their application.

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