Purchasing additional licenses

Hint: Only the person who created the workspace can purchase user accounts. If you have been invited to the workspace, please contact the workspace owner.

If you are currently using the Trial Edition of the Signavio Process Editor, you can purchase user accounts for the registered users in your workspace. If you have already purchased accounts, you can add more users.

On-Premise Edition vs. Software as a Service

The Signavio Process Manager is available as a “Software as a Service” (SaaS) and as an On-Premise Edition. Those mainly differ in the server set-up:

  • Choosing SaaS, the software will exclusively run on Signavio servers and will be maintained by Signavio. You neither have to care about installing nor updating the software and avoid the resulting investment costs - You can decide yourself, which and how many user licenses will be required (see below) and easily adjust the amount of licenses to your momentary requirements. This specifically suits projects or organizations where the number of Signavio user licenses required can change quickly.
  • Choosing the On-Premise Edition, the Signavio software will be installed exclusively on your servers. This offers the possibility to customize the Signavio Process Manager further than is possible in the SaaS edition to fit it to your special needs. For example, it is possible to control the access to diagrams via the user accounts of your domain. This version is most effective when used in a company as a general solution to manage business processes.

Our website provides a more detailed overview over the different features and license types of the SaaS version at http://www.signavio.com/products/process-editor/process-modeling/ and of the On-Premise Edition at http://www.signavio.com/products/process-editor/saas-vs-on-premise/.

Upgrading from the Trial Edition

'Purchase now' link in the trial version

‘Purchase now’ link in the trial version

  • Click the Purchase Now button in the Explorer. Alternatively, you can access the purchasing functionality by clicking on Setup and choosing Configure.

  • The following dialog opens up.

    Select users and payment interval.

    Select users and payment interval.

  • Please select the users you want to purchase accounts for. If you choose not to select all users, only those users you bought licenses for will be able to use the service after the trial period has expired. You can also choose to purchase accounts for additional, yet unregistered users.

  • Choose a payment interval. You can choose between yearly and quarterly payment. Yearly payment is less expensive.

  • Click the Next button.

    Entering the billing address and the contact person's details.

    Entering the billing address and the contact person’s details.

  • Please type in your billing address.

  • Please type in your contact information. We will use the email address given here to issue the invoice.

  • Click Next.

the payment summary page

the payment summary page

  • This page shows a summary of the billing address and of how many user accounts you would like to order.
  • Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully and click the corresponding checkbox.
  • Click Purchase and the order will be submitted.
  • A confirmation page is displayed.

Adding user accounts

If you already purchased user accounts and need more licenses, you can easily add more users to your workspace.

  • Click Setup in the Signavio Explorer’s top drop-down menu and select Purchase user accounts:
the 'Purchase user accounts' entry in the the setup menu

the ‘Purchase user accounts’ entry in the the setup menu

  • The dialog that opens looks similar to the purchase order above. The only difference is that you cannot change the payment interval, billing address and the contact information as the new purchase will be directly added to your existing account.
  • The summary page shows a preview of the invoice and how many additional accounts you have purchased.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • I am a registered user of a workspace and would like to purchase user accounts, but I can’t. What happened?

Only the person who created the workspace can purchase user accounts. If you have been invited to the workspace please contact the owner of the workspace. If you are the owner, please contact support@signavio.com

  • I have 10 days free trial left. Does it make sense to wait until the end of the trial period before I purchase user accounts?

No, you do not need to wait. Even if you purchase user accounts on the first day of the trial period, the first payment interval will always start after the end of the 30 day trial period. The trial period is free.

  • What payment methods are supported?

Currently, we offer the possibility to pay via invoice, credit card and PayPal. Invoices are sent out on the first day of each payment interval and need to be paid within 14 days.

  • What happens to my data if my workspace expires?

If you cannot export all the workspace data yourself, please contact us to receive a ZIP file containing all your diagram data. You will be able to import this data at a later time when you decide to continue working with Signavio.