Embedding the Collaboration Hub via an iframe

Collaboration Hub can be embedded in third-party systems via an inline frame (iframe). When using an internal wiki, the Collaboration Portal can be embedded to provide direct access for authorized users.

In case you are using Microsoft SharePoint, you can integrate the Signavio Collaboration Hub using a SharePoint WebPart.

The access control rules that normally apply to the Collaboration Hub also apply to an embedded instance:

  • A user who is logged in will see the Collaboration Hub preview, i.e. every diagram of the workspace he can access, as well as his private diagrams.
  • A user who is not logged in but has installed the matching Collaboration Hub certificate will see the published diagrams.
  • In case the Collaboration Hub is integrated with your Directory Service, a user will be able to see diagrams they have read access to.
  • A user who is neither logged in nor has installed the Collaboration Hub certificate will receive an SSL connection error.

To embed a Collaboration Hub in a website or wiki via iframe, add an iframe tag and insert the Collaboration Hub URL as its source. Please make sure to use a URL of the form https://editor.signavio.com/intra/portal (European Server), respectively https://app-us.signavio.com/intra/portal (US server).

It is also possible to define a diagram that is displayed by default. To define a default diagram, its diagram identifier can be added to the URL in the form “#/model/[diagram id]”. The example iframe below defines such a start diagram.

To find the correct link, open the corresponding diagram in the Collaboration Hub and copy its URL.


When defining a start diagram, make sure that the corresponding diagram has been published to the Collaboration Hub in the correct revision. Otherwise, Collaboration Hub guests that are not logged in will not be able to see it.

On iframe that embeds the Collaboration Hub can look like this, for example:

         name="Signavio Collaboration Hub">

Embedded into an empty html page, the iframe could look like this:

This is what an embedded Collaboration Hub looks like on an empty page.

This is what an embedded Collaboration Hub looks like on an empty page.